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Grants Approved

Kenton, Oh - The Board of Trustees of the Hardin County Community Foundation is pleased to announce the approval of grants and scholarships totaling $164,722 for the 2020 grant cycle.  Grant Committee Chairman Charles Van Dyne stated “Our committee recognized the need for immediate funding of grants during these difficult times.  Grant applications were thoroughly reviewed, discussed and although we cannot fund every request, we believe that we distributed the funds to areas of most need as well as to worthy community projects”.   
Trustees, in online balloting, immediately approved the grant recommendations from the committee and funding of grants will take place beginning next week with a target of mailing all checks by Friday, April 17th.  Letters will be sent to all applicants notifying the organization of the outcome of their application.  “In light of the current crisis that we are all navigating, the Trustees agreed that our annual grant award celebration should be cancelled this year.  The event was scheduled for May 14th and we agreed that the prudent action for public safety would be to forego the event this year” stated Matt Jennings, Foundation President.  The Grant committee would like to remind all grant recipients that although we will not have our award celebration the grant reporting requirements are still in effect with grant reporting due no later than December 31st, 2020.  A full listing of grants approved will be supplied to the media later in the month of April, posted to our website and will appear in our 2020 Annual Report. 
“The Hardin County Community Foundation would like to thank the entire community for your support over the last 30 years and believe that during trying times such as these, our mission is to serve the needs of our community to the best of our ability.  We hope that the early distribution of grant funds assists our community in some small way.  We wish everyone health, wellness and safety” stated Jennings

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