Improving the quality of life in Hardin County through charitable giving.
Providing a vehicle for donors with varied interests to support charitable and community activities.
Assessing and responding to emerging and changing community needs in the fields of education, youth services, recreation, arts and culture, social services, and civic and community development.
Developing a permanent endowment for the community.
Serving as a catalyst to initiate projects vital to the community.



The Hardin County Community Foundation was established to be the vehicle for those interested in fostering the present and future needs of the people of all ages in Hardin County in the fields of arts, health, education, recreation and beautification.


This is called giving back.


Community foundations have six characteristics:

  1. A flexible, yet permanent collection of funds supported by awide range of donors
  2. The relative independence to determine the best use of those funds to meet community needs
  3. A governing board of volunteers, knowledgeable of its community and recognized for its personal involvement in civic affairs
  4. An organizational commitment to provide leadership for community problems
  5. A commitment to assist donors to create funds and distributeproceeds in accordance with the donor’s intent
  6. Adherence to a sense of “community” that overrides individual  interests and objectives

Hardin County