Thank you for your interest in the Hardin County Community Foundation. The following information will assist you in determining whether to apply to the Foundation for funding and explain how to proceed if you are eligible to do so. Please review these materials carefully.



The Hardin County Community Foundation makes grants to tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organizations operating or proposing to operate programs that benefit Hardin County residents. While the Foundation would like to support all the important work that is carried out by Hardin County's nonprofit organizations, its financial resources are limited. Therefore, decisions about funding projects that are submitted by grant applicants will be made with the following guidelines in mind:


The Hardin County Community Foundation has a preference for proposals that:

  • Develop innovative, creative and practical solutions to both current and emerging
  • community needs
  • Create programs that enhance the quality of life for a substantial number of residents
  • Encourage volunteerism, civic and community involvement
  • Facilitate compassion, efficiency and responsibility in the distribution of social services to the community
  • Deal with the prevention and/or remediation of problems
  • Support projects that create a long-term community resource
  • Demonstrate that the funds will be well managed and effectively expended and that the project will become self-supporting when grant dollars end
  • Play a role in assuring mutuality of interest, efficiency and the elimination of duplication of services
  • Utilizes matching grant funds
  • Improves the quality of life of our youth and senior citizen residents


The Hardin County Community Foundation normally does not fund:

  • Operating expenses, including salaries, utilities and annual campaigns
  • Projects that promote any specific religion or beliefs
  • Budget deficits or debt reduction
  • Lobbying and/or any kind of political activity or organization
  • Endowment funds
  • Capital improvements to buildings and property not owned by the organization or covered by a long-term lease with the organization that is requesting the grant funding
  • Work or projects that are already underway or have been completed
  • Public Schools applying for a grant where the school facility is physically located outside of Hardin County will not be accepted with the exception of Riverdale Schools which at an earlier time was located in Hardin County. Grant applications from Riverdale Schools must specify where the event for which the grant requested is to be held. If it is to be held entirely in Hardin County then it will be funded to the extent it is allowed by the Grant Committee. If the event is to be conducted at the school or some other location outside of Hardin County, any grant allowed will be in proportion to the number of Hardin County Students attending/participating in said school function and benefiting from said grant.


The Foundation believes that federal, state and local governments have the resources and the primary responsibility for advancing issues involving healthcare, education, economic development and infrastructure.


For more information regarding the Foundation and/or our grant procedures and timeline, please callour offices at 419.674.4053


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Grants accepted only from February 1st through February 28th.

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