Q & A

What are some good reason for giving to the foundation?
  1. The community where a man has lived and prospered has a claim on a reasonable part of his substance. Without sound community life, there can be little real wealth for anyone
  2. A gift produces perpetual benefits, long after the giver is gone.
  3. A gift shows concern and responsibility. Money carelessly given can become wasted. But a gift to the Foundation works with no time limit in sight.
  4. A gift unites people. There are no distinctions based on the amount of the gift. All are united by a common bond of generosity and concern.
  5. A gift will yield benefits for the child of tomorrow.
  6. A memorial fund of $5,000.00 or more, given by a person or group, can be designated to a particular objective. Several such memorial funds are row active in the Foundation.
Are donations tax deductible?
Yes. Your attorney or tax advisor can help you here. The Foundation can also refer you to a qualified advisor. Proper handling can yield maximum tax benefits.
Who manages the foundation?
The Trustees and members, a group of area citizens serving without pay.
How does the foundation account to its donors?
The Foundation publishes an annual report and maintains an informative website where grant activity is available.
What assets can I give?
Contributors have established charitable funds with the following:
  • Cash 
  • Securities traded on major exchanges
  • Closely held stock
  • Real estate including residences or farm land
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Insurance policies
  • Variations or combinations of the above
Foundation staff will be glad to discuss proposed gifts with you. Those that cannot readily be converted to the financial benefit of charity or that carry unusual potential liability may not be accepted.

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