Kenton, OH

Helping others.

2008 Grant Recipients

$1,000.00 Hardin Co. Veteran's Memorial Park District
$1,000.00 Hardin Co. Players
$1,000.00 Heartbeat of Hardin County
$1,500.00 Hardin Co. Armory Restoration Foundation
$2,000.00 Salvation Army- Hardin Co. Unit
$750.00 Hardin Leadership II
$1,000.00 OSU Extension- Family & Consumer Sciences
$300.00 OSU Extension- Hardin County
$300.00 Hardin Co. Homemakers' Council
$1,000.00 Keep Hardin County Beautiful
$500.00 New Hope Fellowship Church
$500.00 Liberty Township- Woodlawn Cemetery
$1,000.00 Dunkirk Community Improvement Corporation
$1,000.00 Mt. Victory Community Development Association
$1,000.00 Roundhead McDonald Park Board
$1,154.00 Village of Dunkirk
$1,000.00 Village of Dunkirk
$1,250.00 Village of Patterson
$1,000.00 Ridgeway Firefighters
$1,500.00 Hardin Co. Ag Society 2008 Fireworks Fund
$1,000.00 Kenton Hardin Health Department
$500.00 Forest Fire Department
$1,000.00 Forest Fire Department
$1,500.00 S.O.U.P
$500.00 Jackson- Forest Emergency Medical Service
$1,500.00 Courthouse Square Repair
$2,000.00 Restore Community Center
$1,000.00 Roundhead Volunteer Fire Department
$1,367.00 Roundhead Volunteer Fire Department
$2,000.00 Hardin County Historical Museums
$500.00 Hardin County Historical Museums
$2,000.00 Alger Memorial Festival Committee Inc.
$500.00 Camp Common Ground, Inc.
$2,367.00 Hardin County ARC
$1,500.00 Wolf Creek Art League
$1,500.00 Trustees of Memorial Hall of Mt. Victory
$2,500.00 Hardin County Hospice
$500.00 Hardin County Humane Society
$500.00 Help Me Grow at Child reach Family Center
$500.00 Hardin County Family Planning Services
$1,000.00 Northern Hardin County Fire District
$2,000.00 Helping Hands Outreach
$2,200.00 Helping Hands Outreach
$500.00 After School Program at Club 180
$1,000.00 Dolly Parton's Imagination Library for Hardin Co.
$1,000.00 Hardin Northern Public Library
$1,500.00 Forest-Jackson Public Library
$1,000.00 Hardin County Educational Service Center
$1,000.00 Hardin County Educational Service Center
$300.00 Hardin County Academy/Hardin County ESC
$2,500.00 Helen Mabrey Shoe Fund
$1,579.00 Hardin County Family YMCA
$923.00 Kenton City Schools
[*] Not present to accept award. Grant forfeited.
Hardin County


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